As clear as the ocean, as a rebel of the sea, WHTE isn’t just a brand - but a philosophy.

The premium brand was born early 2019 in the heart of Stockholm City, and aims to inspire its trendsetters to see the simple beauty as it is. Each imprint, each flaw, each shade has its own story and that is what WHTE is all about.

Being a rebel - still moving against the odds and swimming against the stream. It’s what we deserve. We live one life and each second matters. It’s already too late to live in darkness. It’s time to leave the shadows, to be our own rebel. It’s time to see the shades of light.


Scandinavian Minimalism At Its Finest. 


"Minimalism isn't about being selective over what you want, its about being appreciative of the things you already have"  

Growing up internationally with a creative eye for details -  Diana as a designer, has realized that she has a rare ability and skill to identify perfect quality from bad. This led her to be the go-to person for hundreds of retail brands who has seen this ability as unique and highly valuable.

After 12 years in the retail & marketing industry, Diana decided to make her own imprint on the Scandinavian fashion industry which led her to creating WHTE STHLM. A brand that captures the fine minimalism that the Scandinavian's love.

By combining her experience in the retail industry and in the marketing sectors, she focuses on creating collections that preserves the Swedish heritage, focusing on capturing the “less is more” mindset and truly using the most natural fabrics in the world to develop a premium brand unlike any other.

Luxurious wear



Only 0.2% of the world's total animal fiber production comes from Cashmere wool. This should give you a hint of why this type of luxurious wool is so sought-after and hard to find. 

Cashmere wool fibers for clothing and other textile products is obtained from the neck region of Cashmere goats. It's usually been manufactured in inner Mongolia, Nepal and the city of Kashmir for thousands of years and is considered  as the finest, softest and warmest wool found in nature. The goats that the cashmere is made from, lives 14000 ft above sea level where the climate is extremely cold and with little vegetation. Nature has given these goats the soft and very warm undercoat to survive in this harsh climate, and each cashmere hair, is 1-6th of the diameter of a human hair. This makes the wool incredibly soft, supple and very expensive. 

Because world production is so small and gathering & processing are costly, cashmere is considered a rare luxury fiber.

A sweater requires the fleece of 4-6 goats and an overcoat uses the production of 30 to 40 goats. These numbers can give you an idea about why the cashmere is the most exclusive and expensive fabric in the world.

Interested in seeing everything we have?



Pure Organics Shirts & Icebar Sweaters

A day to remember


In August 2019, the popular Fashion District in Stockholm got to lay its eyes on an exceptional booth that stood out from the crowd. The stall was not only light & bright, but also very simple in its own elegance. It only took a few hours before the success was a fact. It was obvious that the Scandinavian people still love their minimalism and has an extraordinary eye for premium quality, which led WHTE STHLM to what it is today - a startup brand that only has one way to go - which is up!

The physical premiere


The very first catwalk WHTE STHLM ever did was being held at The Lobby at Regeringsgatan 61 in the heart of Stockholm. There was a great crowd that gave WHTE fantastic feedback and response to the exclusive and simple design, without compromising the quality. 

The team at WHTE STHLM are very happy to collaborate with such fantastic models, makeup artists and event organizers, so we raise our glasses for everyone involved in this spectacular event that was held in December 2019. Thank you!


Celebrate every milestone

Even though we are just starting our journey in a rocket's pace, we always have to remind ourselves about the small milestones that needs to be celebrated throughout time. 

Premiering our very first Fashion show, launching the brand, seeing it in store's windows and putting a smile on our customer's faces means the world to us. So that's why we make sure to capture every moment with a photo that leads us to the next headline below: "Backstage". 



Glitter, glamour and fun may be the face forward in a hectic and shallow world we live in, but we think it's better to be honest and say - we have worked very hard to be where we are today.

In this section of our website, you will be able to weekly read about our news, processes and even challenges! We find it very rewarding to bring our customers onboard backstage on a journey that will be just as transparent as the crystal ice from the ICEBAR, where we had our very first photo shoot!